Online Counselling

Counselling over video is becoming an increasing popular method of getting the support you need. Whether its because of circumstance, distance, choice or the need to self isolate, Video counselling is an effective alternative to meeting face to face.

Covid 19 support.
At this time people are experiencing increased difficulties and isolation due to COV-19 . Counselling over Video can help you get the support you need without the increased risk of travel or meeting others in person.

Online Counselling provides support through your busy life whenever and wherever you need it through Video, instant messaging or email.

There are many reasons why people choose online sessions. Looking after children at home, working commitment’s, illness and feeling safe are just some of the reasons why this type of counselling is becoming more and more popular. It guarantees the same confidentiality and professional service of traditional face to face counselling. Often online counselling provides a first experience of talking with a professional, resulting in clients gaining the confidence to attend face to face counselling sessions.

What to expect

People are using direct communications over the internet more and more. An online video counselling session provides

you with a similar therapeutic experience to face to face counselling but with the convince of being able to stay in your preferred environment. There is growing evidence to support its effectiveness for common concerns and everyday mental health issues. Particularly where only occasional or adhoc sessions are required.

As your Counsellor I will listen to you without judgment and undue interruption. You will feel accepted and listened to as you talk about the issues that cause you difficulties.

Contact us

Please contact us for more details so that we can invite you as a client to our online facility. Email and instant messaging counselling is also available.

If you are in immediate distress or you feel suicidal and need immediate help visit the Samaritans