Face to Face Counselling

Individual Counselling

Counselling provides the right space for you to talk over the issues and problems in life. Life’s just not perfect, and we all encounter times when we need support from a professional who won’t judge us and will accept us just as we are.

A Counsellor’s role is to help you understand your thoughts and feelings. To be a companion as you explore possibly painful experiences and help you find a way through them.

You are the true expert in your own life. You hold all the answers that can make a difference, though it often feels otherwise. Counselling helps you reflect on your life’s issues, problems and successes so that you can find your own answers.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring centres on helping you to achieve your goals in life, both personal and professional.It is a safe environment where you can focus on the issues that are important to you, finding empathy and encouragement. A mentor helps you with life issues that affect both the present and the future. Sometimes a counsellor, sometimes a teacher. A mentor can help inspire, challenge and make the road head clearer.

Our Approach

There are many different approaches to Counselling and Psychotherapy, and you will be able to discuss these with your Counsellor. But what’s important is that you are at the centre of the process. This means that you set the agenda, you say what’s best and what works for you. Counsellor should work in your best interest and if you get stuck, or find your sessions difficult, your Counsellor will help you.