Depression Counselling Harrogate

Depression Counselling Harrogate

Counselling depression

Depression can have a huge impact on your day to day life. It may make you so down that you barely want to leave bed. Whether you are struggling to cope or have good and bad periods, it is always good to speak to a counsellor. They will give you the chance to talk about your feelings and can put you on the path to recovery. Breathingspace a provider of depression counselling based in Harrogate.  we understand how hard it can be to talk about how your feelings, and know how to help you through these times using person centred and CBT ( cognitive behavioural therapy ) techniques.

The symptoms

People often others don’t understand that depression has many different symptoms. It is not simply about feeling sad every now and again. When someone is depressed they can feel worthless, anxious, irritable, indecisive, and guilty. There could also be a loss of motivation and a lack of self esteem and enjoyment in life. Some people even experience things like loss of appetite, disruption to sleep, headaches and sickness, and even chronic pain.

What causes depression?

A number of different things can cause depression. Some of them are obvious, including distressing life events like a death, divorce, or losing a job. There can also be other causes like childhood trauma, anger, physical illnesses, isolation, and stress. It could even be a combination of several things.

Everyone reacts to things differently. As a result, the reasons people suffer from depression differ greatly.

Depression counselling in Harrogate

If you suffer from depression, even if it is only mild, you should talk to a counsellor. This is especially important if you have been feeling depressed for days or weeks. Having a safe, comfortable place where you can talk about anything can be a real weight off your shoulders. Counsellors can also teach you things you can do to improve your mood and wellbeing.

Daniel Easton at Breathingspace is a qualified experienced counsellor with many years experience helping people who suffer from depression. He is gentle.friendly and works to build trust and confidence. He is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This ensure that therapy is conducted ethically.

You can talk to Daniel to explore all the things that could be making you depressed. He will offer guidance and help you to find your own answers. The counselling is flexible and can be either face to face or online. This means it can suit your needs and give you the support you need.

Learn more

You can contact Daniel to start talking about depression counselling in Harrogate. Either call or send him an email. In addition, you can find him on social media.