Covid Support

Covid 19 Support

How has your life changed?

The Covid-19 Virus has forced everyone to make changes to their life, facing difficulties through which we can feel we have very little control. The need for safety has forced many to shield themselves, work from home, live in social isolation, cancel life events, or live closely in family situations that are difficult. For those who do manage to get on with their lives, many are living with a new background anxiety that makes normal life challenges feel a lot worse. This can show itself through depression, irritability or increased anger.

Change is often difficult, but when forced upon us, it can leave feelings of Anxiety, sadness fear and confusion. The need to look after our mental health has never been greater.

Perhaps no-one can change the circumstance you have to endure at the moment, but with a little help, you can cope and live easier.

Breathing Space is with you . Whether you would like some listening support, techniques to cope, help making the best decisions, or support through hurt and grief we are here to support you.

Counselling session are available both on-line ( video or text ) and face to face in covid ready rooms.

Some simple tips to help through this difficult time..

  1. Talk to people about how your feeling.
  2. Stay connected to others.
  3. Do not get glued to the news.
  4. Keep doing new thing, perhaps explore new hobbies and interests. This can uncover new aspects of our self and personality
  5. Exercise whenever you can.
  6. Challenge your negative thoughts, it wont be like this forever.
  7. Make positive plans for the future.
  8. Acts of kindness towards others can give us great positive feelings.
  9. Seek help when you need it - don’t leave things too late.

Please get in touch, Counselling can really help.