Counselling for Men – 10 Reasons Why

Counselling for Men..

To build up the courage to go to therapy is hard enough for most of us, but men have that extra step of getting over years of conditioning that says “don’t talk about your feelings, to do that is weak”.

For many men feelings are confusing and even frightening. Most men when asked how they feel will respond with words like, ‘normal’, alright’ and ‘fine’, which usually doesn’t describe what they are actually feeling. Men have been taught to keep emotions under control and have often not gained the skills to understand what they are feeling. So when men are hit by an emotional crisis like a failure of a relationship, unemployment, anxiety attack, loss of confidence or energy, it can often feel like they are ‘losing it’.

The top 10 reasons why men seek Counselling are;

  • Relational difficulties and Domestic pressure
  • Anger management and lack of emotional control
  • Depression, stress, anxiety and shame
  • Work place issues including bullying, confidence and work/life balance
  • Sex, sexuality and masculinity issues
  • Loss of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Emotional numbness
  • Lack of connection with their father and mother
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Trauma, abuse and loss

Despite the initial difficulties of that first step, Men quickly value and respond to Counselling. Having someone who will listen, and not judge, being able to share their fears is a freeing and empowering experience.

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