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How to get the best out of Counselling

Here are my top tips to get the most of therapy sessions. Therapy is a commitment to yourself and involves your time, energy, and money. A good way to start is to make yourself some rules to make the very best of both your sessions, and the journey towards your Goals.

  • Therapy is a journey. You started this journey for some very good reasons. Remind yourself of why you begun and what you want to gain from it. Perhaps write these down.
  • Start a Journal. Write about your journey, how you feel, what you think. This may be the biggest and most important project of your life.
  • Make it a priority. This could change your life, but its success depends a lot on you. Your therapy sessions are a time for you. You are important and other parts of life may have to come second for a while. Don’t cancel sessions unless it’s an absolute emergency. It’s when you don’t want to go, or feel your too busy, that you really should go. Perhaps sometimes ask yourself. “What am I trying to avoid”.
  • Manage your appointments. Your therapist will only have certain appointments available. If you have certain days/times that you prefer, book these well advance as popular slots go quickly. Take responsibility over your appointments. No-one can make this work other than you.
  • Tell your therapist what you would like in your sessions. Skilled as they are, they can’t read your mind. Sometimes you might want your therapist to just sit and listen, other times to be more involved and provide structure or give advice. These are your sessions, make sure you voice your thoughts and expectations.
  • Know your expectations. Therapy can be difficult, a journey through both green fields and dark valley. Sometimes after a session you may feel happy and inspired, other times you might feel sad and that you’re not making progress. Stick with it and tell your therapist how you feel. Sometimes things feel like they are getting worse before they get better.